jeudi 17 octobre 2013

Des scripts Google à la pelle !

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Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Scripts


Google Apps Script Can Do That!

Les Scripts de Google Apps peuvent faire ça!

Here is a big collection of Google Apps Scripts that will help you do more with your favorite Google products. And you don’t have to be programmer to use any of these scripts.
Ici, une grosse collection de scripts Google Apps qui peuvent vous aider à en faire plus avec vos produits favoris de Google. Et pas besoin d'être programmeur pour utiliser ces scripts.
  1. Website Uptime Monitor - Receive instant email and SMS alerts when your websites goes down. You can monitor all your web domains for free.
  2. Amazon Price Tracker – Keep track of prices of your favorite products on Amazon and get email alerts when the prices go down or up.
  3. Read Receipts in Gmail - Use Apps Script and Google Analytics to track your outgoing Gmail messages and get notified when people open and read your email.
  4. Gmail Encrypt - You can encrypt your outgoing Gmail messages using the powerful AES encryption and no one will be able to snoop your private conversations.
  5. 1-click Website Hosting - Use this Google Script to host your websites, images, podcasts and other media files on Google Drive with one click.
  6. Mail Merge with Gmail – Send personalized email messages to your contacts using Gmail. The messages can have attachments and you even write messages in raw HTML.
  7. Files Permissions Explorer – See who has access to your shared files and folders in Google Drive and whether they view or edit permissions.
  8. Send to Google Drive - You can save your Gmail attachments directly to Google Drive – just apply a particular label to your Gmail message and the included attachments will be copied to Drive.
  9. Save Gmail Images - The script monitors your Gmail mailbox and will auto-save any image attachments to your Google Drive.
  10. Sort Gmail by Size - Is your Gmail mailbox running out of space. The scripts will determine all the bulky messages in your Gmail mailbox.
  11. Bulk Forward Gmail – The auto-forward feature in Gmail only works on incoming messages but our bulk forward script can forward even older email to your other email addresses.
  12. Update Google Contacts –  See how your friends and family members can directly add or update their own contact information into your Google address book.
  13. Google Contacts Map – The Google Script will plot the postal address of your Google Contacts on a Google Map. You can also export this data as a KML file for Google Earth.
  14. Email Form Data –  Google Forms are the best tool for creating online polls and surveys. The script will email you the entire form data as soon as someone submits the form.
  15. Twitter Bot – Learn how to write your own Twitter bot that auto-responds to tweets. This particular bot queries Wolfram Alpha to answer queries.

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